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Past workshops

In 2019 and twice in 2023 international participants gathered for two weeks to work together collectively and individually towards their poetic projects.


At ecopoetics workshop 2023: Italy, we were lucky to welcome leading theorists and practitioners in the field of ecopoetics to present their work over Zoom. We are immensely grateful to Orchid Tierney, Jonathan Skinner, Jean-Thomas Tremblay, Joanna Makowska, and Nuno da Silva Marquez for so generously giving their time to be part of our gathering, and for thinking together with us. 

At ecopoetics workshop 2023: NYC we had a day event, where 12 of us gathered in Central Park to make poems together. We then traveled underground, via the subway, writing, to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, where we immersed ourselves in a milieu of nesting herons and airplanes flying out of JFK. 

We also had a night event at ISO Studios in Brooklyn's Navy Yards, where noted artists and performers joined us to sip coffee and present our work. Thank you, deeply, to Jason Isolini, Rachel Keen, Sasha Fishman, Tessel Veneboer, Ibanov Castellanos, and the inimitable Edwin Torres for co-constituting a blissful coming-together. 

We were privileged to gather an amazing group of ecopoetics fellows for our main two-week residency last year, so we'd love for you to meet them. Below!

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