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Ecopoetics Workshop is a nomadic residency and workshop program dealing with ecopoetical themes and practice. 

Our standard model is a two-week collaborative, creative, and critical group exploration within a natural environment. 


ecopoetics workshop brings existent work and thinking about ecopoetics into vibrant localities where the themes we address are acutely relevant. 

Previous locations have been Val Taleggio, Italia; Seattle, WA; New York City, NY. We have also been involved in affiliated events and projects at MoMA, NY; in Buffalo, NY; Puerto Rico; Colombia; and Portugal.

Past and future ecopoetics workshop experiences involve weekend intensives, day-long drop-ins, and special presentations. If you would like us to collaborate with your institution, please contact us below. 

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December 2023


Brooke Bastie presents collection of work produced by ecopoetics workshop 2023: Italy residents at Poetics Program, University at Buffalo event. 

October 2023

New York City

One-day workshop traversing New York City, from Central Park to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Led by Courtlin Byrd, Brooke Bastie, Brent Cox, and Simon Eales.


Evening presentation at ISO Studios in Brooklyn Navy Yards, featuring Jason Isolini, Sasha Fishman, Ivanov Castellanos, Rachel Keen, Tessel Veneboer, and Edwin Torres. 

September 2023

New York City

Brent Cox presents "Ecopoetics Workshop and the Architectonics of the Poem: A Nonstandard Ecopoetics" at DocTalks event at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

July 2023

Val Taleggio, Italy

Two-week residential workshop in collaboration with Nature, Art, and Habitat Residency, with the theme of 'air.' Led by Byrd, Bastie, Cox, and Eales. The workshop fellows were Fani Avramopoulou, Tessa Bolsover, Sam Creely, Roman DuBrule, Mackenzie Ground, Amanda Hurtado, Olga Mikolaivna, Samantha Walton, and Sasha Fishman. 

Featured speakers at the residency were Orchid Tierney, Jonathan Skinner, Nuno da Silva Marquez, Jean-Thomas Tremblay, and Joanna Makowska. 

September 2022

Brussels, Belgium

Simon Eales presents "Leslie Scalapino's Choreographic Poetics" at The Anti-Canon: Experimental Writing in English (1945-2000) conference.

September 2019

Seattle, Washington

Presentation at & Now innovative writing conference, featuring Courtlin Byrd, Brent Cox, and Simon Eales.

July 2019

Val Taleggio, Italy

Two-week residential workshop with the theme of 'grasses and pastures' with Amanda Hohenberg, Johanna Doxey, Jane Thomas, Brent Cox, Courtlin Byrd, and Simon Eales as residents. 

More about the organizers.

Simon Eales

Simon Eales is a PhD candidate and Presidential Fellow in the English Department at the University at Buffalo, New York. His academic work focuses on modern and contemporary poetry and poetics, theatre and performance studies, literary theory, colonialism, and sexuality. He is the co-founder of Ecopoetics Workshop, the Georges Bataille reading group, and Buried Text podcast, and has served as the President of the English Graduate Student Association at UB. He holds a B.A. in English Literature and European Studies, and a M.A. in English Literature from the University of Melbourne, Australia, where he earned the Percival Serle Prize for his research into radical Australian poetics. Simon works as a ritual artist and poet, and has published critical writing in the Cambridge History of Australian Poetry (2023), Cordite Poetry Review, The Music, and other venues. 

Brent Cox

Brent has a PhD from the University at Buffalo's Poetics Program. He received an MFA in Poetry and Poetics from University of Washington Bothell, and a B.A. in English from UCLA. He is co-founder of the Topological Poetics Research Institute (TPRI), a poetics "think-tank" devoted to solving vexing poetic problems, and ecopoetics workshop, an alternative institution dedicated to the potential of poetry and ecology as emergent, immanent counter-nodes to global computation. His recent work has explored undetermining the avant-garde, video-poetry critical method, race and ontology, and Susan Howe's immanent poetic meshworks. 

Brooke Bastie

Brooke is a poet and researcher based in Buffalo, New York. Her academic work focuses on contemporary American and Indigenous poetry through the lens of spatiality. She is currently writing on what she terms coterminous territories—a contested or extra-legal spatial formation that generates multiple, often incompatible, experiences of lived socio-political identity within the same space. 

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