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ecopoetics workshop

critical, creative, collaborative residencies
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ecopoetics workshop began in 2018 as a research program into the intersection of poetics and the environment. Its primary mode is two-week residencies in nature, where artists, poets, musicians, thinkers, writers, scientists, media-artists, and choreographers can meet, read, discuss, and work. We take our tagline seriously: we aim to be critical in our creativity, reading important theorists and researchers on the themes we are studying and interrogating important issues relating to the environment and poetics. We are also committed to radical collaboration. On our residencies and in our workshops we aim to think and make work together, understanding that collaboration is inherently ecological, and that silo'd individual thinking is part of the cause of the current climate crisis. 

About our 2024 summer residency: 


We will concentrate on the theme of “labor,” especially as it relates to coffee and ecology. While coffee need not be the subject of your own work, it is nevertheless a dazzling lens on life today, from contemporary geopolitics to colonial history, from questions of labor, value, capital, and economics, to culture, cosmology, and society. Indeed, coffee is intimately tied to the development of democracy, colonialism and globalization, and fueled more than one revolutionary political movement, such as in France and Haiti. The workshop will have ample time for you to pursue work of your own choosing, in addition to offering activity, collective thinking, and collaboration around questions of labor, coffee, and ecology.

View the information call we recently recorded about the upcoming 2-week summer residency in Colombia, above!



If you have any questions at all, please do email us via the form below. We will get back to you as soon as we can, and will aim to be as helpful as possible. 

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